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Are you hearing more and more from students and parents that the yearbook is too expensive?

Are you still receiving a black and white book with maybe a few color pages here or there?

Do you just want more from your yearbook publisher?

We’re here to help...

We created SSC Yearbooks to give schools a better option in yearbook publishing. We are committed to not only delivering brilliant, full color yearbooks at substantial savings, but also freeing your staff from the many constraints imposed by “traditional” yearbook companies and delivering the ultimate yearbook publishing experience.

With SSC Yearbooks:

• No longer must you settle for black and white pages when your students want full color, because you think it will cost too much.
• No longer must your staff struggle to meet publisher-imposed deadlines, or "face the consequences", simply to help your publisher's workflow.
• No longer must you be forced to submit your yearbook order months before your books even arrive!
• No longer must you be forced to place constraints on your yearbook staff's creative freedom by designing your book using your publisher's limiting software.
• No longer must your staff settle for leaving out so many important spring school events, because your publisher's deadline passed weeks ago.
• No longer must you be forced to pay whatever your current publisher charges just because you don't think you have a choice…Because now you do!

At SSC Yearbooks we believe you shouldn't work for your yearbook publisher, your publisher should work for you!

If you’re ready to take your yearbook to the next level, and at the same time substantially lower the price your students and parents have to pay for it,

Please contact us today! We look forward to speaking with you.